Monday, September 26, 2011


Welcome to my BLOG! I have started on a new journey of frugal living, this includes all aspects if my life and my families.  I have recently found a strong and passionate love for coupons!  I have used them here and there over the last few years but I have been doing research and learning how to really use them and the savings is just amazing!  Along with couponing I am trying to simplify my life, I just find there is to much clutter everywhere I turn.  So please join me on my journey as I Fruglafy my life!!  ( LOL I know it's not a word but it seems to fit! )

Shoppers Drug Mart
Listerine: on sale of $3.99 B1G1 free plus added on the $3.00 coupon to each so that is 4 coupons which means I made $1.00 on each.
Cascade: $3.99 each and I had 2 x $1.50 off coupons so they were $2.49 each.
HST was $2.07

Multibionta: On sale for $9.99 there is a printable coupon for $10, Rexall only put them in for $9.99 as they wont give you an overage, so all three are free. Multibionta Coupon
Laundry Detergent: On sale for $2.99 plus added on my $1.00 coupon so it was $1.99
HST: $4.28

I would also like to share some of my favourite sites, enjoy!

Mrs January  Amazing site, she will teach you lots about saving and her deals are amazing!!  This is a site that you can pick your coupons and have them mailed to you. This is another site to pick coupons and have them mailed to you.

Smart Canuck There is a great link every week here that matches up sales with coupons that you may have.

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