Saturday, December 31, 2011

SDM 20X the Points

Got some great points for my last shop of 2011!

2x Crispy Minis = Regular Price $3.29 sale $0.99
Tissue Paper = Regular $2.99 sale $0.49
4x Uncle Bens Rice = Regular $2.29 sale $0.99
2x Tomatoes = Regualr $2.29 sale $0.99
2x Irish Soap = Regualr $3.79 sale $0.99
2x Herbal Essences = Regular $5.49 sale $1.99 coupon for $0.75 and $0.50
StudioLine Hairspray = Regular $7.49 sale $3.99 coupon for $2.00
4x Cascade Action = Regular $6.99 sale $4.29 coupon for $1.50
Pampers = Regular $15.99 sale $9.88 coupon for $2.00
2x Johnson Baby = Regular $7.49 sale $3.99 coupon for $2.00 and $1.00 (each one also hadbonus pack of face and hand wipes)

Subtotal = $39.13
HST = $5.37

Regular Points = 530
Coupon Points = 2,000 (for the Johnson Products)
20x the Points = 10,070
Total Points = 12,600

Total Spent = $44.50
Total Saved = $54.91

Friday, December 30, 2011

Walmart Deals

I found some great deals today on Toilet Paper, Paper Towel and Chapstick that I wanted share.

3X Bounty = $7.98 PM Loblaws $4.88 *Coupon for $1.25 = $3.63each
3X Charmin = $8.98 PM Loblaws $4.88 *Coupon for $1.25 = $3.63each
*I had 3 coupons that were buy 2 Charmin, Puffs or Bounty Products get $2.50 off

Subtotal = $21.78
HST = $2.83

Total Spent = $24.61
Total Saved = $32.88

BUT did you notice that on the picture of the Bounty Paper Towels there are MORE coupons inside!  I opened them up when I got home and was VERY happy when I saw these ....

and the expiration date on them is September 2013.  So really I made money on this deal :)  If you don't have the same coupons I have you may also have the $1.00 Coupons for Bounty and Charmin and if you don't I still recommend you go and get the Bounty, it is $4.88 but you make that plus some with the coupons.

Next I wanted to check to see if our Walmart had any Nivea Chapstick because I had read online about a coupon that I had lots of getting me the chapstick for free and I was so pleased to find them.

18X Nivea Chapstick = $1.98 *Coupon for $2.00 =  - $0.02each
* The Coupon I had was a tear pad for Nivea Pure&Natural

Subtotal = -$0.36
HST = $4.63

Total Spent = $4.27
Total Saved = $36.00

Extra Printables for SDM 20X the Points Event

Anyone planning to go to Shoppers for the 20X the points event?!  If you are don't forget to check their Website for extra printable coupons for bonus points I also found some great ones on the Smart Canucks Forum.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Craft Time

A great way to save money at Christmas time is to make some your own gifts when you can, we have been making a few in our house and having lots of fun with them. 

Tree Ornament

Personal Chalk Board

Sea Salt Body Scrub

For complete details on how to make any of the above Click here to check out my other blog DressesAndDirt. 

Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight I made my way over the RCSS (Real Canadian Super Store) with no children, which was heaven, and was able to get some great deals.  Here is my breakdown

Cream Cheese x2: regular $3.97 PM Sobeys = $1.99each
Simply OJ x2: regular $6.99 PM Fresh Co = $2.97each
Ice Cream x3: regular $3.69 PM Fresh Co $1.97 then $5.00 Coupon from Company = $0.30each 
Green  Pepper: regular: $1.59 per lb PM Fresh Co $0.99 per lb = $0.60 
Broccoli: On Sale at RCSS $1.28 Pm Fresh Co = $0.99each
Pickles: regular $3.87 PM Food Basic = $1.99each
Tomato: regular $1.99 per lb PM Food Basic $0.99 per lb = $1.20
Tenderflakes x3: regular $3.47 PM Food Basic $1.99 then 3X $1.00 Coupon = $0.99each
Black Diamond Cheese x3: regular $8.29 on sale = $3.97each
Ham: $6.28 (not sure regular price) = $6.28each
Cocoa: regular $3.99 on sale = $3.59each
Bread x3: regular $3.29 PM Zellers = $1.99each
Ginger: $0.17
Sweet Potato: $2.52 (not sure regular price) = $2.52

Total Spent = $49.02
Total Saved = $50.60

I like this shop because it shows you that price matching can make a HUGE difference so take advantage! 

We have been very crafty in this house over the last few days getting ready for Christmas, I hope to be sharing our ideas with you in the next two days so stay tuned.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Walmart Deals

I went over to Walmart this evening with my sister and her husband to do a little price matching.  I was excited about the Wipes deal as was my sister ... she got 15!!  We got some other great deals too

Gain - $5.97 PM No Frills for $2.97 used $3.00 coupon WUB2 = $1.47each Peanut Butter - $4.77 PM No Frills for $2.00 = $2.00each
Wipes: $3.47 PM Loblaws for $2.00 used $1.00 coupon = $1.00each

Subtotal = $11.94
HST = $2.07

Total = $14.01
Saved = $19.09
Thats a 76% savings!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption

Today and Tomorrow SDM is having their Biggest redemption of the year.  I was able to go this morning with my husband and we did a great shop.  This was our first time redeeming at one of these events and was very exciting!  Here is what we got...

We stocked up on lots of goodies for the holidays and Christmas gifts plus lots of basics that we needed.

Chips X4 - $2.49each
Foil X2 - $2.49each
Simply Chips X3 - $1.99each
Halls X2 - $1.49each
Face Mask X5 - $1.79each
Cotton Swabs - $3.99each
Contact Solution X2 - $4.99each
Catnip - $3.29each
Chick Peas X8 - $1.29each
Campbells Soup X2 - $0.59each
Bean Medley X3 - $1.29each
Black Beans X5 - $1.29each
Green Beans X4 - $1.29each
Beans X6 - $1.29each
Corn X6 - $1.49each
Sour Cream X2 - $1.99each
Chip Dip X4 - $4.99each
Nail Polish X2 - $7.49each 
Nail Polish - $7.99each
Bacon X2 - $3.49each
Burts Bees - $6.99each
Sippy Cup - $7.49each
Apple Juice X2 - $1.29each
Balea Lip Balm - $1.99each
Bentasil X4 - $3.99each
Lemon Tea - $5.99each
Butter X4 - $3.49each
Axe Spray X2 - $4.99each
Eggs X2 - $2.39each
Yogurt X2 - $3.69each
Milk - $5.79each
Face Wash X2 - $7.99each $2.00 coupon
Cascade X3 - $3.99each $1.50 coupon

Subtotal - $260.36
HST - $22.23
Saved - $59.80
Bonus Points Redeemed - 95,000 ($250)

Total Paid = $32.59
Total Saved = $309.80

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SDM Biggest Event of the Year!

Anyone have any Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum points saved up?  If so this is the weekend to cash in!  This Saturday and Sunday (December 3rd and December 4th) you will get more money for your points...

Spend 30,000 get $60 (that's an extra $20)
Spend 50,000 get $125 (that's an extra $40)
Spend 95,000 get $250 (that's an extra $80)

Don't forget taxes are extra