Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly RCSS Shop March 30th

I was able to get to RCSS this morning bright and early and found some really great deals.  The clearance section had tons of items!  I only got the febreeze as I am in love with the fabric refreshers but there were 3 sections full of lots of different items.  (at our local RCSS they are located at the back of the store near the household items)

*Note that the coupon for Kraft is only one per family, I went through the cash twice.

Pickles = regular $3.87 sale RCSS $2.97ea (saved $0.90)
Becel = regular $5.97 PM No Frills $3.97ea (saved $2.00)
4x Cream Cheese = regular $4.17 PM Walmart $1.97 + coupon B2S$2 = $0.97ea (saved $12.80)
4x Creme Egg = regular $0.98 PM No Frills $0.68ea (saved $1.20)
3x Crisco = regular $2.97 sale RCSS $1.97 + coupon $0.75 = $1.22ea (saved $5.25)
2x Cake Mix = regular $2.49 PM No Frills $0.99ea (saved $3.00)
2x Febreeze = regular $4.54 Clearance $2.27 + coupon $1.00 = $1.27ea (saved $6.54)
4x Stuffing = regular $2.29 PM Food Basics $0.99ea (saved $5.20)
2x Tenderflake Pastry = regular $3.47 PM Food Basics $1.99 + coupon $1.00 = $0.99ea (saved $4.96)
Diana's Gravy = regular $2.27 sale RCSS $0.97 + coupon $0.50 = $0.47ea (saved $1.80)
2x Laughing Cow = regular $5.29 PM Sobeys 2/$8.00 + coupon $1.00 = $3.00ea (saved $4.58)
Sandwich Meat = $6.66
2x Broccoli = regular $1.48 PM Food Basics $0.67ea (saved $1.62)
2x Cucumber = regular $1.29ea PM Food Basics $0.88ea (saved $0.82)
Green Grapes = regular $2.69LB PM No Frills $0.97LB = $1.26 (saved $2.23)
8x Lemons = regular 3/$2.00 PM No Frills 4/$1.00 = $0.25ea (saved $3.36)
Pineapple = regular $2.96 PM FreshCo $1.49 (saved $1.47)
Strawberries = regular $1.99 sale RCSS 3/$5.00 (saved $0.97)
Tomatoes on the vine = regular $1.47LB PM Food Basics $0.67LB = $0.98 (saved $1.17)

Subtotal = $54.62
HST = 0.94

Total Spent = $55.56
Total Saved = $59.87

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Grocery List March 30th - April 5th

Here is a list of what I like from the flyers for next week.  Please note that under the column for coupon if there is a yes it means that there are coupons for those products but they may no longer be available.  Click here to view my list.  Anyone else see any deals for this week?

Free Vitamins with Coupon

Right now at Rexall Multibointa Vitamins are on sale for $9.99 use your $10.00 coupon to get them FREE, all you have to pay is the tax.  You can find your printable coupon here just scroll down to the $10 off Multibointa Coupon and print.

Free Tampax

This deal went live yesterday but there are still some left.  Go to their facebook page like them then fillout the form and you will be sent a free sample.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart 20X the Points March 24th

Today SDM had a 20x the points event.  There were a few things that I wanted to pick up so I decided to save them up for the 20x the points.  The first thing I did was grab a $50 gift card for SDM.  I put that through as a separate transaction then used the gift card to buy my items.  Just by doing that I got 500 points.  Here is the rest of my shop.

Milk = $4.29
2x Chocolate Milk = regular $2.99ea sale $0.99ea (saved $4.00)
Command Hooks = regular $4.99ea sale $3.99ea (200 bonus points) (saved $1.00)
12x Beans, Corn = regular $1.79ea sale $0.99ea (saved $9.60)
3x Tomatoes = regular $2.29ea sale $0.99ea (saved $3.90)
2x Washer Fluid = regular $2.99ea sale $1.49ea (saved $3.00)
2x Gloves = regular $1.59ea sale $0.49ea (saved $2.20)
3x Pop = regular $5.99ea sale $3.33ea (saved 7.98)
2x Mascara = regular $7.99 sale $4.99 + coupon B2S$3.00 = $3.49ea (saved $9.00)
3x Charmin Toilet Covers = regular $0.99ea = coupon B3S$4.00 = +1.00 (click here for picture of coupon) (saved $4.00)
Newspaper = $2.37

Regular Points Earned = 1,040 (including the 500 for the girft card)
Product Bonus Points = 200
20x the Points = 10,260

Subtotal = $47.38
HST = $4.14

Total Spent = $51.52
Total Saved = $44.68
Total Point = 11,500


RCSS Weekly Shop March 23rd - 29th

I found that there were not a lot of great sales this week but a couple that were really good for adding to my stockpile so I actually ended up spending more then normal on my shop this week.

2x Cracker Barrel Cheese = regular $8.99 Sale RCSS $4.44ea (saved $9.01)
4x Yogurt = regular $3.07 PM Giant Tiger $1.00ea (saved $8.28)
Becel = regular $5.97 PM Food Basics $4.99ea (saved $0.98)
2x Clubhouse Gravy = regular $1.39 PM No Frills $0.88 + coupon B1G1Free = $0.44ea (saved $1.90)
Oreos = regular $4.99 PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $3.52)
Pirate Cookies = regular $3.67 PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $2.20)
Rainbow Cookies = regular $3.67 PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $2.20)
2x Swiss Crackers = regular $2.99 PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $3.04)
Ritz Crackers = regular $2.69 PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $1.22)
3x Triscuits = regular $2.99ea PM Food Basics $1.47ea (saved $1.52)
2x Thinsations = regular $3.49ea sale RCSS $1.97 + coupon $0.75 = $1.22ea (saved $4.54)
6x Creme Egg = regular $0.98ea PM Sobeys $0.77ea (saved $1.26)
2x Cheese Slices = regular $5.17 PM FreshCo $2.00ea (saved 6.34)
2x Eggs = regular $2.65 PM Loblaws $1.67ea (saved $1.96)
5x Orange Juice = regular $3.27 PM Loblaws $1.67ea (saved $8.00)
2x Casa Di Mama Pizza = regular $3.98 PM Metro $2.99 + coupon B2S$1.50 = $2.24ea (saved $3.48)
Panebello Pizza = regular $3.98 PM Metro $2.99 + coupon $1.00 = $1.99ea (saved $1.99)
2x Ristorante Pizza = regular $3.98 PM Metro $2.99 + coupon $B2S$1.50 = $2.24ea (saved $3.48)
Basmati Rice = regular $9.49 sale RCSS $5.77ea (saved $3.72)
Sandwich Meat = $5.98
4x D'Italiano Bread = regular $3.19ea PM Giant Tiger $1.77ea (saved $5.68)
Chicken = regular $4.29LB sale RCSS $1.98LB = $16.41 (saved $19.15)
Banana = $1.93
Cucumber = regular $1.29 PM Farmboy $0.79ea (saved $0.50)
3LB Bag Red Onion = regular $2.39 PM FreshCo $1.00 (saved $1.39)
Tomatoes = regular $1.79LB PM Bood Basics $0.97LB = $1.57 (saved $1.99)
Magic Eraser = regular $3.29 sale RCSS $2.50ea (saved $0.79)

Subtotal = $108.68
HST = $1.44

Total Spent = $110.12
Total Saved = $92.67

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekly Shopping List March 23rd - 29th

Below I have attached my list of what I think looks good in the flyers for the Week of March 23rd - 29th.  Anyone see any other good deals?

Double Dip RCSS

So who here is a double dipper?  I know I defiantly am!  One of my tricks for saving money is not over buying when I do my shop on Fridays.  I buy what I think I need or maybe a little less then I wait.  I like to see what next week holds when it comes to sales.  Every week there are sales, every week there are items that I want or need, but every week I try to stay under my budget.  By waiting I find that i actually buy less.  I think always try to leave enough money in the budget, per week, to cover any sales that may pop up (like the VH Sauces) or if I want to go back and get more of an items before weeks end.  When I get my flyers on Wednesday (I know I am one of the lucky ones that gets them very early) I take a quick look through to see what the coming week has to offer.  From there I decide if there are items that I should go pick up on Thursday from the previous week.  For example we go through a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, if they are not on sale in the coming week but were on sale last week I will "double dip" the sale and go again on Thursday.  Last week I picked up a few of the shaving creams and cereal that were on sale.  This week I saw that they were not on sale anywhere so I decided to pick up more today before the sale ends.  The shaving creams are for family and friends that requested them and the cereal is for our stockpile.

2x Special K = regular $5.29 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $4.82)
Oatmeal Crisp = regular $4.99 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.11) *Plus a coupon for B1G1 Free for the movies
15x Shaving Cream = regular $3.79 PM Loblaws $1.99 + coupon $1.00 = $0.99ea (saved $42.00)

Subtotal = 23.49
HST = $1.93

Total Spent = $25.42
Total Saved = $48.93

Free Water Bobble

Celebrate World Water Day with Water Bobble Canada this morning. Roughly 30% of the food produced worldwide – about 1.3 billion tons - is lost or wasted every year. Raise awareness by liking this post or comment on ways that you can help reduce water waste and help protect this valuable resource globally. By posting your answer or liking this post you will enter your name into a draw to receive a free bobble or bobble Jug. We will announce 12 winners at 12:00PM EST today. (2 jug winners and 10 bobble winners)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Basics VH Sauce

There are a few types of VH Sauces that are on clearance at Food Basics so I picked some up today and used up some of my coupons.
VH Sauce = regular $3.46 clearance $1.47

I had coupons for buy 2 save $2 and buy 1 save $1.00 and buy 2 save $2.50. In total I used $18.00 in coupons.

Total Spent = $9.68
Total Save = $45.84

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

P&G Brandsampler

The P&G Brandsampler will be coming in early April.  Make sure you are signed up they go fast.

P&G health&beauty Brandsampler

Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon

There is a new $1.00 coupon for Kraft Shredded Cheese on

Walmart Run

I went to Walmart for some late night shopping and to use up some coupons before the end of the month, here are a couple of the deals I got.

Flinstones Vitamins = regular $7.97 sale $6.47 + $2.00 coupon = $4.47ea (saved $3.50ea)

Floss = $3.67 + coupon for free product when you buy mouth wash = FREE

I had a bunch of these coupons left and I wanted to find a way to use them ... well I found one and made money with them!  I have actually been wanting to get some of these covers as they are great to use for my girls when we are out and about.

Toilet Seat Covers = $1.00ea + coupon buy 3 save $4.00 = + $1.00 for every 3 purchased.

Crest Mouth Wash = $1.00 + coupon $1.00 = FREE (this is the mouth wash you need to buy to get the free floss.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Black Bean and Chicken Sandwich

To me there is nothing better then a good sandwich, the other night I made a delicious one that my husband and I both loved and the girls (aged 2 and 4) loved so I thought I would share it.

You will need:

Black Beans
Homemade Ranch Dressing (or store bought)
Spicy Eggplant
Shredded Cheese
Chicken, sliced thinly

Cut the bun in half, put a little margarine and the spicy eggplant on the top part of the bun, on the bottom put your black beans (I cooked my black beans first then drained them) put some shredded cheese on top.  Put them in the oven on broil till the cheese is bubbling.  On top of the beans and cheese I put the chicken, olives and scallions.  Put the Ranch Dressing on the top part of the bun.  (Avocado or Guacamole would also be really good).  Put them together and enjoy.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Printable Coupon for Bulk Barn

There is a new coupon for Bulk Barn, save $3.00 when you spend $10.00. Valid from March 16th - March 29th 2012  Click here for the coupon.

I have also put the link on my Printable Coupon Page.

Weekly RCSS Grocery Shop (March 16th - 22nd)

I had a great shop yesterday, not just because I actually got to go by myself, but because yet again there are some great deals this week.  March has been a very good month for deals.

5x Astro Yogurt = regular $3.07 PM Food Basics $0.99ea (saved $10.40)
3x Cake Mix = regular $2.17 PM Giant Tiger $0.98ea (saved $3.57)
Cheese Slices = regular $4.99 PM Giant Tiger $2.41 (saved $2.58)
5x Black Diamond Cheese = regular $8.29 PM FreshCo $4.44ea (saved $19.25)
Ravioli = regular $1.87 PM Giant Tiger $0.93ea (saved $1.88)
2x Cheerios = regular $4.29 Sale RCSS $1.98ea (saved $4.62)
Margarine = regular $2.69 sale RCSS $1.69ea (saved $1.00)
Bleach = regular $2.99 PM FreshCo $1.33ea (saved $1.66)
Special K = regular $5.29 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.41)
Mini Wheats = regular $5.49 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.61)
2x Salad Dressing = regular $2.47 PM No Frills $0.88ea (saved $3.18)
Flour = regular $9.49 PM No frills $4.88 + coupon $1.00 = $3.88ea (saved $5.61)
Sour Cream = regular $2.49 PMFood Basics $1.49 (saved $1.00)
Taco Shells = regular $2.47 PM No Frills $1.88ea (saved $0.59)
Sandwich Meat = $5.21
2x Bagels = regular $1.99 sale RCSS $0.98ea (saved $2.02)
Gala Apples = regular $1.49LB PM Food Basics $0.77LB = $2.94 (saved $2.75)
Bananas = $1.44
Broccolli = regular $1.49 M Food Basics $0.77 (saved $0.72)
Carrots = $1.69
Cilantro = $1.29
2x Cucumber = regular $1.29 PM Food Basics $0.77ea (saved $1.04)
Lettuce = regular $1.49 PM No Frills $0.88ea (saved $0.61)
5x Shaving Cream = regular $3.79 PM Loblaws $1.99 + coupon $1.00 = $0.99ea (saved $14.00)
4x Tortellini = regular $3.99 sale RCSS $1.98ea (saved $8.04)

Subtotal = $86.42
HST = $1.47

Total Spent = $87.89
Total Saved = $89.54

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekly Shopping List March 16th - 22nd

Below I have attached my list of what I think looks good in the flyers for the Week of March 16th - 22nd.  Anyone see any other good deals?

Sneak Peek for Week of March 16th - 22nd

Here are some of the items that I am liking this week, full list will be completed later today...

Satin Care Shaving Cream $1.99 ( + $1.00 coupon) = $0.99ea
Black Diamond Cheese = $4.44
Ital Pasta
Pears = $0.88LB
Green Peppers = $0.88LB
Gala Apples / Cucumbers / Broccoli / Tomatoes = $0.77LB
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast = $3.44/LB
Astro Yogurt = $0.99ea
Red Peppers / Green Beans = $0.97LB
Kelloggs / General Mills Cereal = $2.88
Astro Greek Yogurt = $2.88
Pork Tenderloin / Bone in Chicken Breast = $2.99LB
Cashmere Double Roll = $3.99
Majesta Paper Towel 8 pack $2.97 (+ $1.00 or $2.00 coupon) = $1.97 or $0.97)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow now has over 110,000 likes, there is a $3.00 coupon waiting for you.  "Like" the page and click on "share the love" to get your printable coupon  click here for their Facebook page.

Profile Picture

Birthday Cakes on a Budget

Who doesn't like birthday cakes!  If you go to a store and buy a slab cake they really don't taste that great and are pretty expensive for what you get.  So then you decide that you want a specialty cake, have you looked at the prices of those, they are crazy expensive.  So I get all my cake mixes when they are on sale for $1.00 (or I make them from scratch which really isn't as hard as you may think) and I get creative when decorating them.  The results are pretty impressive, if I do say so myself, and the cost is very little.  I also love to make mini cupcakes, you get a lot of them out of one cake mix and it is easy to make them look good.

Click here for instructions on how to create the cupcake cake pictured above, on my other blog

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Weekly RCSS Shop

Another great week for deals, this month is the month to stock up on frozen foods.  The pizza's that I picked up are a great deal, even better if you have your coupon, if not order now and I am sure another sale will be coming soon.  They were actually on sale at Food Basics for $2.88 but at the cash they scanned at $2.77 RCSS price.  The cashier said that sometimes when they see deals they adjust their price to beat the other store even though the tags don't show that price.  The bounty paper towels that I got are the ones that have $20.00 worth of coupons inside so I would look out for those if you are planning on getting this deal.

3x Dr Oetker Pizza = regular $5.67 sale RCSS $2.77ea (saved $8.70)
Yogurt = regular $3.38 sale RCSS $2.27ea (saved $1.11)
2x Syrup = regular $3.79 PM FreshCo $1.44ea (saved $4.70)
Honey = regular $7.49 PM Food Basics $3.99 (saved $3.50)
Olive Oil = regular $9.97 PM Food Basics $4.99 (saved $4.98)
2x Paper Towel = regular $8.49 PM Independent $4.44ea + coupon B3S$4  = $3.11ea (saved $10.78)
Toilet Paper = regular $9.99 PM Independent $4.44 + coupon B3S$4 = $3.10ea (saved $6.89)
3x Eggos = regular $2.77 PM FreshCo $1.44 + coupon $0.75 = $0.69ea (saved $6.24)
Juice Boxes = regular $3.47 PM Metro $1.99ea (saved $1.48)
3x Milk = regular $5.69 sale RCSS $3.97ea (saved $5.16)
Chocolate Chips = $2.19
Kolbassa = regular $5.99 sale RCSS $3.99 (saved $2.00)
2xBread = regular $3.29 PM No Frills $1.97ea (saved $2.64)
Gala Apples = regular $1.49LB PM FreshCo $0.88LB = $5.17 (saved $3.58)
Bananas = $2.12
2x Black Berries = regular $1.99 PM FreshCo = $0.97ea (saved $2.04)
Broccoli = regular $1.97 PM Farmboy $0.79 (saved $1.18)
Cilantro = $1.29
Navel Oranges = regular $1.17LB PM No Frills $0.47LB = $1.83 (Saved $2.73)
10LB Potatoes = regular $3.99 PM No Frills $1.99 (saved $2.00)
Red Peppers = regular $2.99LB PM Food Basics $0.97LB = $1.63 (saved $3.40)
Tomatoes on the Vine = regular $1.79LB PM Food Basics $0.97LB = $1.73 (saved $1.46)

Subtotal = $76.34
HST = $1.73

Total Spent = $78.07
Total Saved = $74.57

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coupons up for Grabs!!

So while going through my coupons today, getting ready for my shop tomorrow, I found a TON of coupons that are about to expire (March 11). I know I won't be able to use them so I wanted to offer them to you! If you live on the area and you can come and get them you can have them! Below I will post what I have, please comment here on the Blog NOT on Facebook and let me know which ones you want. I have doubles or triples of most of them :). Just remember the last day you can use them is Sunday. I am in the West end of Ottawa.