Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Free kind of day

Today I took a trip to Dollarama to find some storage containers for my growing stockpile and my sister and I asked if they were taking coupons and amazingly outs still is!  I had my coupon for Palmolive that I got from the company and got five containers for $0.65!  Just tax, as they were $1.00 and my coupons were from the company were for $1.00 off :)  I am defiantly going to be doing come research on what other coupons I can use there!

Before we went to Dollarama my sister saw on Kijij, in the free section, that there was a house that had tons of kids stuff on the lawn for free, so we sung over hoping there would be a few things and .....

We couldn't believe how much we found, some for her family, some for my family and some for my neighbour!

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