Monday, October 3, 2011

Double Coupon Day at Pharmasave

Friday was my first time shopping a double coupon day!  What this means is that every coupon that you use in the store they will double it, so a $1.00 coupon becomes a $2.00 coupon.  One of their rules though is that they will not allow an overage on the product, most places wont.  So Friday morning I went over to see what I could get.  There were a few other couponers there and it was a small store so you had to move quick :)  I was able to do pretty well and learned a lot so I can be ready for the next double coupon day!  Hopefully other stores will follow and it will become more regular in Canada like it is in the States.

Aspirin: $4.99 each had a $6.00 coupon so all FREE
Febreeze: $2.99 each had a $1.00 coupon so one was $0.99, then had a buy 3 get $4.00 off so the other 3 were $0.32 each
Gillette Body Wash: $2.99 each had a $1.00 coupon for each, so each one was $0.99 each
Advil: $8.49 had a $2.00 coupon so it was $4.49
Gillette Moisturizer: $4.99 each had a $2.00 coupon making it $0.99
Bandaids: $2.99 each had a $1.00 coupon making it $0.99
Mascara: $6.99 each had a $2.00 coupon making it $2.99
Pantene: $3.99 each had a $1.00 coupon making them $1.99 each

Before Taxes: $17.38
HST: $9.53

TOTAL: $26.91

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