Monday, October 17, 2011

The Ziploc Shop

This morning I went to Walmart and SDM with my girlfriend Jenn and we got some really good deals :)

I picked up 2 more Colgate Toothpaste for the kiddies $0.88 each
Total: $1.99
Saved: $3.22

50 Ziploc: On Sale for $0.98 Tear Pad Coupon $2.00 off WUB 2 (Coupon can be found at Loblaws, Independent or Superstore)  So Made $1.00 on all 50
Bounty: Price Matched Zellers for $4.98 plus Coupon for $1.00 off
Dove Bar: Price Matched Zellers for $1.49 each after Coupon $0.49each
Dove Baby Wash: Price Matched SDM for $2.98 each after Coupon 1.98 each
For each of the Dove I used the Tear Pad for Buy 2 different Dove Products get $2.00 Off
Spider Web: $1.00
Stickers: $2.24
Total: $11.10
HST: $8.59
Grand Total: $19.69

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