Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Latest Deals

I have had a few good deals this week and received a few wonderful samples and coupons in the mail :)


Shaving Cream Travel Size: $1.96 had a $3.00 off Coupon, Made $1.04 per total MADE  $12.48
Binder: Regular $8.74 on Sale for $6.00 Scanned in wrong so was FREE
Hamster Food: $4.68
Pages for my new Coupon Binder $3.98 each

In the Mail I got my P&G Samples and it came with some great coupons!

I emailed Colgate the other week and asked for some Coupons and today I got them!  YEAH!  5 Coupons for $1.00 off! 

Loblaws / RCSS

Buckleys: On sale for $4.99 had $3.00 off Coupon from a Tear Pad making them $1.99 each
Yogurt Snack: $2.99 - Snack for Hubby
Ketchup: $2.99 - We ran out and didn't have a coupon, but it was on sale
Thermos:  $6.00 - for my little one for lunches
Dove Body Wash: $3.99 each, had a $2.00 coupon for each, Cashier rang my Coupons through twice so I got them FREE

HST: $1.82
TOTAL: $13.93

Walmart, again :)

Dove: $2.97 Price Matched To No frills $1.00 then used my buy two save $2.00 Coupons, and the cashier scanned one in twice so MADE $2.00
Heinz: on sale for $0.67

HST: $1.82
TOTAL: $5.18

On Saturday Michaels had a one day sale that included a coupon that gave you 25% off your entire purchase, this I could not pass up :)  There are two pictures to show everything I got, total was just over $40!!  I was very pleased.  The Cards were priced wrong they should have been $11.99 but there was a sale sign that said 2/$8.00 so I was able to get the sale price!  I was able to get some decorations for just over a dollar each and some great little stocking stuffers.
 Now these multi packs are normally $8.99 and they were on sale for $0.84 PLUS another 25% off, which made them .... $0.63 EACH!!

Flyers are out for next week and my new coupon binder is coming together nicely, fingers crossed for some great deals this weekend, I have LOTS of coupons that expire on Monday!!


Laura Hotte said...

Great deals and great blog!!! I want to see pics of your coupon binder up and running as that's what I'm thinking of switching to! Also, on your posts when you post your total spent at the bottom, I'd love to see the total saved too :)

The Keatings ... said...

Done and done! thanks for the advice :)