Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Redemption

Today and Tomorrow SDM is having their Biggest redemption of the year.  I was able to go this morning with my husband and we did a great shop.  This was our first time redeeming at one of these events and was very exciting!  Here is what we got...

We stocked up on lots of goodies for the holidays and Christmas gifts plus lots of basics that we needed.

Chips X4 - $2.49each
Foil X2 - $2.49each
Simply Chips X3 - $1.99each
Halls X2 - $1.49each
Face Mask X5 - $1.79each
Cotton Swabs - $3.99each
Contact Solution X2 - $4.99each
Catnip - $3.29each
Chick Peas X8 - $1.29each
Campbells Soup X2 - $0.59each
Bean Medley X3 - $1.29each
Black Beans X5 - $1.29each
Green Beans X4 - $1.29each
Beans X6 - $1.29each
Corn X6 - $1.49each
Sour Cream X2 - $1.99each
Chip Dip X4 - $4.99each
Nail Polish X2 - $7.49each 
Nail Polish - $7.99each
Bacon X2 - $3.49each
Burts Bees - $6.99each
Sippy Cup - $7.49each
Apple Juice X2 - $1.29each
Balea Lip Balm - $1.99each
Bentasil X4 - $3.99each
Lemon Tea - $5.99each
Butter X4 - $3.49each
Axe Spray X2 - $4.99each
Eggs X2 - $2.39each
Yogurt X2 - $3.69each
Milk - $5.79each
Face Wash X2 - $7.99each $2.00 coupon
Cascade X3 - $3.99each $1.50 coupon

Subtotal - $260.36
HST - $22.23
Saved - $59.80
Bonus Points Redeemed - 95,000 ($250)

Total Paid = $32.59
Total Saved = $309.80

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