Friday, December 16, 2011


Tonight I made my way over the RCSS (Real Canadian Super Store) with no children, which was heaven, and was able to get some great deals.  Here is my breakdown

Cream Cheese x2: regular $3.97 PM Sobeys = $1.99each
Simply OJ x2: regular $6.99 PM Fresh Co = $2.97each
Ice Cream x3: regular $3.69 PM Fresh Co $1.97 then $5.00 Coupon from Company = $0.30each 
Green  Pepper: regular: $1.59 per lb PM Fresh Co $0.99 per lb = $0.60 
Broccoli: On Sale at RCSS $1.28 Pm Fresh Co = $0.99each
Pickles: regular $3.87 PM Food Basic = $1.99each
Tomato: regular $1.99 per lb PM Food Basic $0.99 per lb = $1.20
Tenderflakes x3: regular $3.47 PM Food Basic $1.99 then 3X $1.00 Coupon = $0.99each
Black Diamond Cheese x3: regular $8.29 on sale = $3.97each
Ham: $6.28 (not sure regular price) = $6.28each
Cocoa: regular $3.99 on sale = $3.59each
Bread x3: regular $3.29 PM Zellers = $1.99each
Ginger: $0.17
Sweet Potato: $2.52 (not sure regular price) = $2.52

Total Spent = $49.02
Total Saved = $50.60

I like this shop because it shows you that price matching can make a HUGE difference so take advantage! 

We have been very crafty in this house over the last few days getting ready for Christmas, I hope to be sharing our ideas with you in the next two days so stay tuned.

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