Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craft Area Project

Something happened this weekend in our house, we woke up on Saturday morning and we hit the ground running.  It felt like Spring and to me Spring means change, we have a lot of projects that we have been talking about doing and Saturday everything just seemed to fall into place.   With the warm weather on it's way (fingers crossed) I know we will be spending more time outside then in so to me it is very important to have the inside of my house clean and organized.  I don't want to be stuck in my house cleaning when the weather is nice! 

The first area we wanted to tackle was our kids craft area in the kitchen, here is what it looked like before the makeover.

We borrowed the table from my parents while they were in Florida for the Winter to see if it would work for us in the kitchen.  The girls loved the little table and I liked that they had a little table to do their colouring and crafts on.  But it was a mess, the drawings were out of control and they made a huge mess everytime the sat in the area.  Plus all their crayons and papers were taking up room in our pantry, so something had to be done.  A trip to IKEA and using items we had at home we transformed the area into a perfect craft spot for our girls.

Mason Jars are perfect for holding craft items and look cute too

Here is the area now ...

The table, stools, shelves, rail with containers and wire basket is all from IKEA.  The board on the wall in magnetic, I got it at a garage sale last year for $0.50.  I covered it with wrapping paper, so I can change it if I want.  The mason jars I already had along with all of the craft supplies.  The white baskets are from dollarama, I loved these ones from IKEA but I liked the price of the dollar store ones a lot better. 

I am excited about all the other projects that are going on in our house, and will continue throughout the month, so stay tuned for many more projects.

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