Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly RCSS Shop April 13th

I made it over to RCSS today for my weekly shop, but am very excited for my 20x the points shop at SDM tomorrow!  My shop today wasn't to big but I did pick up a few items to add to my "gift" box.  I am always looking for discounted items to add, and now that my daughter is in school and getting invited to lots of birthday parties I am really trying to get my stock up so I always have gifts on hand that I got on a deal.

3x Astro Smoothies = regular $4.69 PM Walmart $2.97 + $1.00 coupon = $1.97ea (saved $8.16)
Milk = regular $5.99 PM Loblaws $3.99 + coupon $1.00 = $2.99 (saved $3.00)
Sandwich Meat = $7.00
2x Bread = regular $3.19 PM No Frills $1.97 (saved $2.44)
Hamburger Buns = regular $2.99 sale RCSS $2.00 (saved $0.99)
Ground Beef = regular $15.06 PM Metro $7.75 (saved $7.31)
Hotdogs = regular $3.49 PM Metro $1.99 (saved $1.50)
Bananas = $1.45
Broccoli = regular $1.28 PM Food Basics $0.77  (saved $0.51)
Carrots = regular $1.68 PM Walmart $1.27 (saved $0.41)
2x Cucumber = regular $1.28 PM No Frills $0.67ea (saved $1.22)
Potatoes = regular $3.99 sale RCSS $2.88 (saved $1.11)
Lettuce = regular $3.99 PM Loblaws $2.00 (saved $1.99)
3x Dolls = regular $16.99 clearance RCSS $ 8.49ea (saved $25.50)

Subtotal = $66.73
HST = $3.31

Total Spent = $70.04
Total Saved = $54.14


Leila said...

I was wondering if there's anything I need to know about pricematching prepackaged meat since it already has the price on it. Do they just calculate it at the cash?

Also, where do you get your multiple coupons for the same product?

Delia said...

Leila - To PM the meat all you have to do it take the meat over to the meat department show tell them you want to price match, show them the flyer with the price you want and they will print you a new sticker to put on the meat :)

I have friends and family who collect coupons for me so I am able to get more then one.

Leila said...

Ooh, that's great info! Thanks!

Also, I see you are sometimes price matching with No Frills fliers ... I believe we live in the same area but we don't get the No Frills delivered. Do you get the flier from someone who lives in another part of town?