Friday, January 27, 2012

Consignment Love

Thanks to Facebook yesterday I got a notification that one of my favourite local consignment stores was having a 75% off sale on all their clothes, plus discount bins with lots of goodies in them.  Needless to say as soon as my husband got home from work I went shopping.  Belly Laughs is a high end consignment store that also sells lots of new items, the staff is great and always very helpful.  I found tons of great gifts and a few fun things for my girls.  I consign my girls stuff when they have both outgrown the item and I was very please to have money on my account when I shopped yesterday so my saving were huge!  All I think when I am shopping in consignment in how much I am saving, I love it :)

2x Boon Cup = regular $9.50 sale $5.00 (saved $9.00)
2x Create a Craft = regular $5.99 sale $3.00 (saved $5.98)
2x Peel & Stick Wallies = regular $10.99 sale $1.00 (saved $19.98)
Kickers = regular $11.99 sale $3.00 (saved $8.99)
Stride Rites = regular $12.99 sale $3.25 (saved $9.74)
Guess Shoes = regular $14.99 sale $3.75 (saved $11.24)
Old Navy Onepiece = regular $4.99 sale $1.25 (saved $3.74)
4x Gap Shirt = regular $5.99 sale $1.50 (saved $17.96) (one missing in picture)
Gap Shirt = regular $4.99 sale $1.25 (saved $3.74)
Gap Pants = regular $5.99 sale $1.50 (saved $4.49)

Subtotal = $38.00
HST = $3.10
From my Account = $25.12

Total Out of Pocket = $15.98
Total Saved = $119.98

Just think how much more I would have paid if everything had been purchased new, I would say at least double.

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