Monday, January 9, 2012

Spreadsheet for Food, Personal and Household Items

In my quest to live a more frugal life I have quickly learned that organization goes hand in hand with saving money.  Since this year will be my first whole year of couponing I wanted to really keep track of what I am spending and what I am saving so I decided to create a spreadsheet.  For this spreadsheet I decided to focus on the the three areas that I believe can end up costing you the most money, but with coupons and sales can be cut back drastically.  I have three categories, Food, Personal and Household.  Food does not include eating out, just our grocery shopping.  Personal is all of our personal care items, for example shampoo or toothbrushes.  Household is a little broader it will include everything we spend on our house, from the little things like paper towel to larger things like our fence and deck.

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