Thursday, March 22, 2012

Double Dip RCSS

So who here is a double dipper?  I know I defiantly am!  One of my tricks for saving money is not over buying when I do my shop on Fridays.  I buy what I think I need or maybe a little less then I wait.  I like to see what next week holds when it comes to sales.  Every week there are sales, every week there are items that I want or need, but every week I try to stay under my budget.  By waiting I find that i actually buy less.  I think always try to leave enough money in the budget, per week, to cover any sales that may pop up (like the VH Sauces) or if I want to go back and get more of an items before weeks end.  When I get my flyers on Wednesday (I know I am one of the lucky ones that gets them very early) I take a quick look through to see what the coming week has to offer.  From there I decide if there are items that I should go pick up on Thursday from the previous week.  For example we go through a lot of fresh veggies and fruit, if they are not on sale in the coming week but were on sale last week I will "double dip" the sale and go again on Thursday.  Last week I picked up a few of the shaving creams and cereal that were on sale.  This week I saw that they were not on sale anywhere so I decided to pick up more today before the sale ends.  The shaving creams are for family and friends that requested them and the cereal is for our stockpile.

2x Special K = regular $5.29 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $4.82)
Oatmeal Crisp = regular $4.99 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.11) *Plus a coupon for B1G1 Free for the movies
15x Shaving Cream = regular $3.79 PM Loblaws $1.99 + coupon $1.00 = $0.99ea (saved $42.00)

Subtotal = 23.49
HST = $1.93

Total Spent = $25.42
Total Saved = $48.93


Marianne said...

I'm a double dipper too! I also do this when I have a coupon close to expiry that I want to use, but there was only an "ok" sale on the item this week ... I'll wait until Wed/Thurs and if there's no better sale in the upcoming week, and my coupon will expire before the next shopping week, then I'll go ahead and pick up the item. It's also sometimes an opportunity to pick up on a sale I missed when I did my shop earlier in teh week (either because it wasn't in stock, or I missed it on my list ... since I usually shop with one or two children in tow, it's not unusal for me to get home and realised I missed one of my deals!)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you had 15 coupons for the shaving cream? How come?

Delia said...

Yes I had 15 coupons for the shaving cream. You can get multiple coupons by asking friends, family and neighbours who don't coupon if you can have theirs. You can also trade and join coupon trains.