Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Weekly RCSS Grocery Shop

Some great deals out there this week!  Here is my weekly RCSS shop.


2x Granola Bars = regular $3.29 on sale $1.97 (coupon inside for the movies) (saved $2.64)
4x Smoothies = regular $4.69 on sale $2.97 + coupon $1.00 = $1.97ea (saved $10.88)
8x Soup = regular $0.97 PM Walmart $0.50  coupon buy 4 save $1.00 = $0.25ea (saved $5.76)
6x Butter = regular $5.17 PM FreshCo $2.88ea (saved $13.74)
2x Fish = regular $11.47 PM Food Basics $6.99 + coupon $1.00 = $5.99ea (saved $10.96)
4x Spaghetti = regular $2.49 PM Walmart $0.77ea (saved $6.88)
Milk = $4.47
Sugar = regular $2.59 on sale $1.87 (saved $0.72)
Sandwich Meat = $1.87
Buns = $5.00
Bananas = $1.87
Ginger Root = $0.08
Green Grapes = $1.44
3x Green Onions = regular $0.67ea PM Farm Boy 3/$1.00 (saved $1.01)
Navel Oranges = regular $1.29/lb PM Farm Boy $0.79/lb = $3.04 (saved $1.92)
Garlic = $0.59 

Subtotal = $67.33
HST = $0.51

Total Spent = $67.84
Total Saved = $54.51


Anonymous said...

Just have a question.. dont a lot of the coupons say cannot be used wih any other offers? doesnt that mean a weekly sale? i always feel like thats a problem.

Anonymous said...

Tried to price match meat at RCSS today and we weren't able to at the cash she said we had to do it in the meat department. Have you had this problem?

Marianne said...

"Any other offers" refers to another coupon offer, not to a sale price. The coupons are (usually) offered by the manufacturer, whereas the sale price is offered by the store itself. The store will get reimbursed by the manufacturer for the value of the coupon.
The way to get the best value from your coupons is to combine coupons with a good sale price to get an item quite cheap, or even free.

Delia said...

Marianne is correct other offer simply means no other coupons, this keeps people from "stacking" their coupons. Coupons are best used on sale items!

I have never price matched meat, I will look into that more and let you know.

mamawee said...

for some reason I thought RCSS didn't price match with walmart - lesson learned - next trip I will be stocking up on some items I need!

As for the meat- another person told me to go to the butcher, and they will weigh it and reprice it for you at the counter.....