Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grocery List

Here are some of the items that I like this week in the flyers ...

Chicken Thighs $4.99/lb
Gala Apples $0.89/lb

Iceburg Lettuce $0.99
Hothouse Tomatoe $0.99/lb
Pop (on Thursday ONLY) 12pack $2.77
Strawberrys (on Thursday ONLY) $1.25

Farm Boy
Cucumber 3/$2.50
Navel Oranges $0.79/lb
Green Onions 3/$1.00

Real Canadian Superstore
Redpath Sugar $1.87

Tide 20-25 loads $4.99

Food Basics
Green Grapes $0.88/lb
High Liner Signature Fish $6.99
Tomatoe on the Vine $0.97/lb
Broccoli $0.97

Gaylea Buter $2.88

Campbells Soup $0.50
Italpasta $0.77
Becel 1lb $2.77

If you are looking for a complete flyer coupon match up or all the sales on produce and meats I would suggest going to


Sarah said...

This is my first time seeing your blog and it is great! I was wondering how you were able to get so many of the smart source flyers at one time as that would rock! Cant wait to keep watching this page..thanks for sharing!

Delia said...

Hi Sarah welcome to Frugal Me Frugal You! Ask everyone you know for their inserts if they dont want them. You can also ask local stores if you can have them after the day is over as all they do is recycle them. :)