Monday, March 5, 2012

Updates on the Blog

I have been working hard and am very excited to announce that I have released some more pages on my Blog!  I am sure that you have noticed that the Blog has been changing, remember change is good :)  All of the links to these pages can be found on the tool bar at the top of the Blog.

Start Here - This page is a starting point for you.  I write about where to start when you are first entering the wonderful world of coupons.

About Me - This page tells you a little about me and why I write this Blog.

Downloads - This page I am very excited about.  Although it only has one document i have many more to add.  The links on this page will bring you to free download that I have created.  Right now it has my shopping list spreadsheet, which I talked about in this post.

Companies to Contact - This page has a list of companies that you can email or call to request coupons.

Printable Coupons - This page is full of links to printable coupons on the Internet.  It also has links to online websites that you can order coupons from that will be mailed to your house.

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