Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart 20X the Points March 24th

Today SDM had a 20x the points event.  There were a few things that I wanted to pick up so I decided to save them up for the 20x the points.  The first thing I did was grab a $50 gift card for SDM.  I put that through as a separate transaction then used the gift card to buy my items.  Just by doing that I got 500 points.  Here is the rest of my shop.

Milk = $4.29
2x Chocolate Milk = regular $2.99ea sale $0.99ea (saved $4.00)
Command Hooks = regular $4.99ea sale $3.99ea (200 bonus points) (saved $1.00)
12x Beans, Corn = regular $1.79ea sale $0.99ea (saved $9.60)
3x Tomatoes = regular $2.29ea sale $0.99ea (saved $3.90)
2x Washer Fluid = regular $2.99ea sale $1.49ea (saved $3.00)
2x Gloves = regular $1.59ea sale $0.49ea (saved $2.20)
3x Pop = regular $5.99ea sale $3.33ea (saved 7.98)
2x Mascara = regular $7.99 sale $4.99 + coupon B2S$3.00 = $3.49ea (saved $9.00)
3x Charmin Toilet Covers = regular $0.99ea = coupon B3S$4.00 = +1.00 (click here for picture of coupon) (saved $4.00)
Newspaper = $2.37

Regular Points Earned = 1,040 (including the 500 for the girft card)
Product Bonus Points = 200
20x the Points = 10,260

Subtotal = $47.38
HST = $4.14

Total Spent = $51.52
Total Saved = $44.68
Total Point = 11,500



Laura Hotte said...

Good reminder after buying the gift card first, I always forget that step!

mamawee said...

so your total after coupons was less than $50 and the bonus points really worked? My total after coupons was 44, but I was too chicken to not spend another 6......

Delia said...

As long as your total is $50 before coupons then you will get 20x the points.

Check out this shop from last year when I only spent $12 and got just over 10,000 points :)