Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly RCSS Grocery Shop (March 16th - 22nd)

I had a great shop yesterday, not just because I actually got to go by myself, but because yet again there are some great deals this week.  March has been a very good month for deals.

5x Astro Yogurt = regular $3.07 PM Food Basics $0.99ea (saved $10.40)
3x Cake Mix = regular $2.17 PM Giant Tiger $0.98ea (saved $3.57)
Cheese Slices = regular $4.99 PM Giant Tiger $2.41 (saved $2.58)
5x Black Diamond Cheese = regular $8.29 PM FreshCo $4.44ea (saved $19.25)
Ravioli = regular $1.87 PM Giant Tiger $0.93ea (saved $1.88)
2x Cheerios = regular $4.29 Sale RCSS $1.98ea (saved $4.62)
Margarine = regular $2.69 sale RCSS $1.69ea (saved $1.00)
Bleach = regular $2.99 PM FreshCo $1.33ea (saved $1.66)
Special K = regular $5.29 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.41)
Mini Wheats = regular $5.49 PM Metro $2.88ea (saved $2.61)
2x Salad Dressing = regular $2.47 PM No Frills $0.88ea (saved $3.18)
Flour = regular $9.49 PM No frills $4.88 + coupon $1.00 = $3.88ea (saved $5.61)
Sour Cream = regular $2.49 PMFood Basics $1.49 (saved $1.00)
Taco Shells = regular $2.47 PM No Frills $1.88ea (saved $0.59)
Sandwich Meat = $5.21
2x Bagels = regular $1.99 sale RCSS $0.98ea (saved $2.02)
Gala Apples = regular $1.49LB PM Food Basics $0.77LB = $2.94 (saved $2.75)
Bananas = $1.44
Broccolli = regular $1.49 M Food Basics $0.77 (saved $0.72)
Carrots = $1.69
Cilantro = $1.29
2x Cucumber = regular $1.29 PM Food Basics $0.77ea (saved $1.04)
Lettuce = regular $1.49 PM No Frills $0.88ea (saved $0.61)
5x Shaving Cream = regular $3.79 PM Loblaws $1.99 + coupon $1.00 = $0.99ea (saved $14.00)
4x Tortellini = regular $3.99 sale RCSS $1.98ea (saved $8.04)

Subtotal = $86.42
HST = $1.47

Total Spent = $87.89
Total Saved = $89.54


Anonymous said...

Do you also buy from Costco or rely only on price matching from other stores?

Anonymous said...

Just curious if you are a vegetarian or if you buy your meat somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

do you freeze your cheese?

Delia said...

I used to shop at Costco a lot but find with PMing and coupons it is a bertter deal to shop at the other stores. i do still get a few things from them, we love their english muffins and they are a great price!

We do eat meat, our freezer is full! we buy a lot when it is on sale, I am looking forward to the BBQ sales that should be coming up soon.

We do not freeze the cheese although you can. If you look at the best before date it is good for a very long time, and even then I don't really follow the best before dates. We go through a lot of cheese, both my daughters are "cheese monsters"! lol

Meredith said...

I did my first price matching shop last night (Sat evening) at RCSS. it wen't pretty well in the end but i did think I was going to quit half way through. Some of the items I wanted RCSS did not carry like Europe's Best frozen berries (in Fresh Co flyer for $2.97) and Clark's baked beans (in Giant Tiger Flyer for $0.63). Also, I was price matching chicken so I had to back to the meat section to get a new sticker printed off with the lower price. Anyway, besides these minor things I saved a bunch and feel great about how much $ I saved without driving to every store in town. Thanks for all your advice. I watched the video you posted and used your spreadsheet. Next week I plan on color coding the list by section in the grocery store. Can't wait for the next batch of flyers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following your blog and look forward to the shopping list every week. I have noticed that you buy cilantro almost every week. Do you have any good recipies using cilantro?
Thank you for doing what you do!

Delia said...

Glad you kept with it Meredith! Colour coding is a great idea :)

I use cilantro in a lot of our meals. My kids love it as do my husband and I. I will be sharing some of my recipes soon :)