Friday, March 9, 2012

My Weekly RCSS Shop

Another great week for deals, this month is the month to stock up on frozen foods.  The pizza's that I picked up are a great deal, even better if you have your coupon, if not order now and I am sure another sale will be coming soon.  They were actually on sale at Food Basics for $2.88 but at the cash they scanned at $2.77 RCSS price.  The cashier said that sometimes when they see deals they adjust their price to beat the other store even though the tags don't show that price.  The bounty paper towels that I got are the ones that have $20.00 worth of coupons inside so I would look out for those if you are planning on getting this deal.

3x Dr Oetker Pizza = regular $5.67 sale RCSS $2.77ea (saved $8.70)
Yogurt = regular $3.38 sale RCSS $2.27ea (saved $1.11)
2x Syrup = regular $3.79 PM FreshCo $1.44ea (saved $4.70)
Honey = regular $7.49 PM Food Basics $3.99 (saved $3.50)
Olive Oil = regular $9.97 PM Food Basics $4.99 (saved $4.98)
2x Paper Towel = regular $8.49 PM Independent $4.44ea + coupon B3S$4  = $3.11ea (saved $10.78)
Toilet Paper = regular $9.99 PM Independent $4.44 + coupon B3S$4 = $3.10ea (saved $6.89)
3x Eggos = regular $2.77 PM FreshCo $1.44 + coupon $0.75 = $0.69ea (saved $6.24)
Juice Boxes = regular $3.47 PM Metro $1.99ea (saved $1.48)
3x Milk = regular $5.69 sale RCSS $3.97ea (saved $5.16)
Chocolate Chips = $2.19
Kolbassa = regular $5.99 sale RCSS $3.99 (saved $2.00)
2xBread = regular $3.29 PM No Frills $1.97ea (saved $2.64)
Gala Apples = regular $1.49LB PM FreshCo $0.88LB = $5.17 (saved $3.58)
Bananas = $2.12
2x Black Berries = regular $1.99 PM FreshCo = $0.97ea (saved $2.04)
Broccoli = regular $1.97 PM Farmboy $0.79 (saved $1.18)
Cilantro = $1.29
Navel Oranges = regular $1.17LB PM No Frills $0.47LB = $1.83 (Saved $2.73)
10LB Potatoes = regular $3.99 PM No Frills $1.99 (saved $2.00)
Red Peppers = regular $2.99LB PM Food Basics $0.97LB = $1.63 (saved $3.40)
Tomatoes on the Vine = regular $1.79LB PM Food Basics $0.97LB = $1.73 (saved $1.46)

Subtotal = $76.34
HST = $1.73

Total Spent = $78.07
Total Saved = $74.57


Anonymous said...

Does RCSS give you a hard time when you PM?

Delia said...

I have never had any trouble Price MAtching at RCSS. The cashier and I were actually teaching the person in line behind me how to do and and telling her what a great way to save money it is. The cashiers have been doing it for a while and are comfortable with it :)

Anonymous said...

Waw! Impressive. You know I am still confused where you get the coupons. I never seem to find them and if I find some, they are for very weird products. Where did you get the 4$ off one from?

Anonymous said...

I PM'd the pizza at $2.88 not realizing they were scanning at $2.77 at RCSS. How did you realize this? Do you have the cashier check the price first of all the items you are buying?

Delia said...

The four dollar ones were at Shoppers Drug Mart. I go through Sobeys, Shoppers, Rexall and Metro every couple of weeks to see what new ones are out.

My cashier just happened to scan that one for me because she new that it was cheaper. Most ccashiers that I have scan the item first, it shows the price then they adjust it, so I always see what the price is there first.